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  • Carissa Unruh

New for 2018!

We have a new bow for 2018 and it's really something special. Let me introduce you to the Wichita Swift Long Curve!

Using our Swift Long Curve form we made a stripped down version of this sweet bow. We removed all overlays and inlays reducing the cost of building the bow. This means great savings for you. Then we took it a step farther and made it a take down.

The Wichita has a diamond wood riser, bamboo core limbs, black G10 tips, and a buckskin leather grip, it is finished off with our brass medallion. You have your choice of either black or brown glass on the limbs.

You don't have to care if this bow gets a few scratches. It wants to be used hard and it wears its scars like a badge of honor. This bow isn't flashy, but it has a quite, simple beauty. This is a great bow for all shooters, from beginners to experienced shooters.

It is 58" long, handling a draw length up to 30". The shelf is radiused and cut to center. It has an open sight window giving you a clear view of your target.

This bow gives you a lot, high performance, two piece take down, 18 month warranty, and a price that can't be beat. A high end bow at an amazing price, what's not to like?

Head over to our custom bow page and get yours ordered!

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