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  • Matthew Ashton

Gone Hunting

      Shane is off to Oswego, KS to hunt whitetail deer.  Here's to a successful hunt, may your aim be true and your arrows fly straight.  

      This is a run down of his hunting set-up.  His bow is a one piece SR Swift in Red River Gray, 54 pounds.  The Carbon Express Heritage arrows are 550 grain arrows with 175 grain woodsman original three blade broadheads in a Selway quiver.  

      Shane will be out of the shop most this week.  I'll be in the shop packaging and  shipping bows.  If you need something contact us by email or leave a message and we will get back with you as soon as possible.  

      Where are you hunting this year?  Send us your hunting pictures. We love to see our bows out in the wild.  

Happy hunting.

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