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  • Carissa Unruh

You Gotta Start Somewhere

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while to keep everyone updated on what is happening at Great Plains Traditional Bow Company. This is a new venture for me but, you've got to start somewhere, so here it goes.

It's always busy at the bow shop in southwest Kansas. Right now Shane is the only person working in the shop besides myself. I can only be out there part time since we had a new baby this year (number three) so that keeps me out of the shop. So, if you're wondering who I am, I am Carissa, the other half of the equation here at the Great Plains. I do the book work, the advertising, take the pictures, and keep up the website. By the way, what did you think of our new website? I write on the bows, sew the leather handles on our bows, and do some of the ordering. I am also chief money spender. All in all I am the one that tries to pick up the odds and ends. Before we had baby dear I did most of the glue up, now Shane has to do that too, so yes, he is busy.

We came out with a bow this year that we are very excited about. You have probably seen it in some of our pictures. We took our Long Curve and put our SR Swift limbs on this bow. This bow is 58" long, and having very recurved limbs, it easily fits up to a 30" draw length. And talk about fast, we chronographed this bow at speeds up to 200 fps. If that isn't enough to have you needing this bow, it is quiet, super quiet. The people that shoot it say that it is the quietest recurve they have ever shot. It is quiet even before string silencers.

The Swift Long Curve

The Cazador Swift Long Curve, we put the wave in it to match our SR Swift Recurve.

The Swift Long Curve handle in the Rio Bravo color option.

The Swift Long Curve Rio Bravo unstrung.

I look good from behind!

We call this fantastic bow the Swift Long Curve. The first Swift Long Curves we made were all one pieces then Shane was like, "I want a two piece recurve". So he got busy and started designing a two piece take down. He says design is the best part of his job. Shane decided to use the sleeve system. This is a very strong and stable system that has been proven through the years to work very well. Now you can get our Swift Long Curve in either the one piece or the two piece take down.

The Swift Long Curve Black Hawk taken down.

The handle of the Swift Long Curve take down.

Another thing that designing a two piece take down system gave us is the ability to make our longbows two piece take downs. I don't have the two piece longbows on our web page yet, but I am working on getting that up so you will have that option when you order your bow. Right now if you want that just call the shop and we will get you set up.

Take down longbow in Ebony.

Coming very soon will be a very economical take down recurve bow. We will be using our Swift Long Curve design. It will have all the performance that you know and love about Great Plains Bows but in a more affordable option. Stay posted to hear more about this bow.

We love hearing from our customers let me know in the comments things that you would like to hear about from Great Plains. We are always listening.

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