With elegant, sleek lines this recurve is as beautiful as it is deadly.  We combined the limbs of our popular SR Swift recurve with our Long Curve to give you the best of both bows. Aggressive recurve limbs on a longbow handle make this a lightweight, quick handling, solid hunting bow.  A well designed grip with a palm swell maximizes comfort and stability.  This 58" bow allows optimum performance in tight spaces like tree stands and ground blinds.  An open sight window gives you great target visibility.  The limb design handles draw lengths up to 30".  This bow comes with a diamond wood grip, bamboo core, and black or brown glass on the limbs.  The radiused shelf is cut to center.  


We use the socket and tenon system for our two piece take downs.  It is very strong system that is easy to use, no tools required.  It just slips apart.  Keep the tenon waxed and you will have no movement or creaking.


We took our take down Swift Long Curve and stripped it down, removing the overlays and inlays, so we could bring you a high performing bow for less.   This is a hardworking bow that can take some abuse.  It breaks down into small, lightweight pieces that slip easily into your pack.  This recurve comes with a buckskin grip and G10 tips.  


Available in one piece or two piece.

Swift Long Curve Wichita