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Traditional Longbows

Our traditional style longbow is one of the sweetest, quickest longbows you will ever shoot. The design today eliminates any hand shock and allows you to shoot it as comfortably as any recurve. The mild reflex-deflex design with trapezoid limbs makes it a smooth drawing, fast shooting old traditional style longbow.

The popularity of longbows today has exploded because it takes you back to a time long ago when life was simple and your longbow was a great part of your survival. Whatever your reason is for shooting a bow like this, you will love it. This beautifully crafted bow comes with a hand sewn buck skin grip, antler limb tips, seal skin window plate and shelf. Available in several different material combinations.

Available in either right hand or left hand.
bow measurements

antler tips

Material options and limb lengths:

Great Plainsman—red elm limbs with cocobolo riser

Great Plainsman—cedar/red elm limbs with cocobolo riser
Osagian—osage limbs with cocobolo and osage riser

Rio Bravo—bacote lamination and osage core limbs with bacote and pauferro riser

Texas Hunter—mesquite lamination and bamboo core limbs with cocobolo and mesquite riser

Cazador—bamboo or yew wood limbs with cocobolo and Honduras rosewood riser

El Dorado—bamboo limbs with black glass with black phenolic and cocobolo riser

Traditinoal Longbow
Traditional Longbow
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