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The SR stands for “short riser” and Swift because it is swift. The addition of the SR Swift one piece recurve line brings with it a beautifully designed tremendously performing bow that is as unique as the take down SR Swift line of bows. The contoured Swift grip fits your hand perfectly for total control and the offset sight window is center-shot allowing greater accuracy for a wide range of arrows.
This 58” one piece allows the archer to have a shorter bow with exceptional smooth draw and great accuracy.
The SR Swift has proven to be the natural choice of a great fitting, great shooting all around one piece hunting bow.  Available in either right or left hand.


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Material options and limb lengths:

Cazador—Honduras rosewood and cocobolo riser with limb choices of bamboo or yew wood

Black Hawk—black phenolic, red diamond wood wave and zebra wood grip with flat grain zebra wood limbs

Rio Bravo—pauferro, black phenolic wave and zebra wood grip riser with bacote limbs

El Dorado—black phenolic, osage yellow diamond wood wave and cocobolo grip with black glass over bamboo core limbs

Palo Duro—solid cocobolo riser with black phenolic wave with black walnut limbs.

Antler tips are optional.

SR Swift
SR Swift bows
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